Stamplast evaluates with the customer the stages of realization of the finished product, analyzing the best solutions to obtain it, reconciling mechanical needs, design and specific needs in relation to the intended use. Our versatility allows us to fully customize the products requested by the customer

  • Complete packaging project
  • Design of plastic products / accessories (trays, containers)

A highly qualified technical staff constantly engaged in the search for new technologies, production processes and new raw materials to develop innovative products.

Prototyping rapid

Through the analysis of customer needs, we develop a project on the basis of which we are able to establish the design, made in 3D, and the type and quality of the material to be used.

Prototyping allows you to really check the functionality of the object to be produced before making the mold.

Pre-sampling of the finished product

The project has a determining role. Therefore the execution of a virtual model, designed in 3D, which indicates the feasibility and optimization of the molding, is fundamental.